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Trying to lose weight while traveling isn’t easy

My previous blog posts about my current attempt to lose weight have been mostly positive and optimistic. But not every day is a good day. I’m writing from a Virgin America flight (it has Wi-Fi) from DC to SF. I’ve been on the road for three days and it’s been a struggle.  I think I’ve done OK in terms of calories, but I haven’t been able to exercise other than taking a couple of short walks.

It’s been hard eating out and it’s even hard on the plane where I’m in the economy plus section where they bring you all the free food you care to order.  Its about 5:00 PM and I’ve consumed almost as many calories as I’m allowed today. I’m not actually hungry but I’m so tempted to order some more “free” food. But it’s not really free, it contains calories which will undo what I’ve accomplished during the past three weeks.

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