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Time to seize control again

About ten years ago I lost 50 pounds on a medically supervised diet.  I felt great and I kept all of the weight off for a couple of years and most of it off for probably about five years.

One of the things that helped me keep the weight off was that after I lost it, the local paper The Palo Alto Daily News, asked me to write a weekly fitness column.  Suddenly I was writing about fitness and health every week and, of course, thinking about it all the time.   I was also a bit of a role model for the community which was an enormous incentive to stay in shape.

Well, after a management change at the paper, the column came to an end and. gradually, so did my sustained efforts to keep my weight under control.  Over the years since I’ve put at least 25 pounds back on — maybe 30, but the good news is that I haven’t put it all back on because I still try to exercise as much as possible and I haven’t completely lost control.

But it’s time to seize control again and get rid of about 20 pounds.  I don’t want to get as thin as I was 10 years ago — some people said that I looked a bit anorexic.  But I do want to get down to about 165 pounds and stay there.  That will not only help me look and feel better but — most importantly — will help maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure.

So I’m publicly declaring that I’m back on a diet and exercise routine in the hopes that this will be a further incentive to do the right thing.

My intention is to blog about my progress here at

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