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San Francisco Fancy Food Show Brings Delights

by Patti Regehr

Going to the Fancy Food Show for Nobelly is like a pilgrimage for our staff. We get our gear all ready, good walking shoes, research done to check out where we should all go, and a discussion of what we think the new products will be.

We each have our focus.  Katherine Magid likes checking out the olive oils and tasting new crops and old favorites.  She really likes Lucero Olive oils, but this year she also really liked the flavor Nudo olive oil. She likes the Food Channel, so for her it is also fun to meet  “stars” from the shows.

My favorite this year is Souley Vegan. I liked their greens, black eyed peas, and the sweet potatoes, and fried “chicken.”  The first day their Mac and Cheese was really salty.  So I said something to them and I talked with the chef/founder  the next  day..and it was perfection.  I had a batch that had been sitting around too long.

Greens and black-eyed peas (Credit: Souley Vegan)

Souley Vegan is marketing to grocery stores  to carry their frozen packaged meals.  They also have a restaurant in Oakland California.  Which Katherine Magid ( contributing editor) has eaten at many times.  I look forward to going to the restaurant and reporting back.




My new product winners are:

fomz.  This product is packaged and comes out like canned whipping cream but the ingredients are water, juices, cane sugar and other ingredients.    I have been using it for a topping on my version of banana split.  I cut a banana, put a berry or whatever fruit I have, spray a little of the lemon-lime fomz on it (4 calories of dairy free delight), and then put some nuts or dark chocolate bits on top.  I find it absolutely amazingly new and refreshing.  Some do not like it.  They find it weird and expect something sweet and it comes out more tart.

avitae caffeinated water

aviate: My other product winner is a 0 calorie and tasteless water that has caffeine in it.  You might want to know why I like it.  Not all people like coffee/tea…or the taste or calories of caffeine drinks.  The other reason I like it is because I go to listen to my son’s band  the Will Magid Trio and stay up late and drive home.  The water can stay in my car…for the drive home.  I get the water that I need and also the boost of the caffeine.  This is such a simple concept but it was a find at the show.  It also doesn’t stain if you spill it on your clothes or stain your teeth like coffee or tea.

It was also a joy to see so many GMO free products.  For some it was a moral decisions and for all it was a marketing decision.

I look forward to going to next year’s Fancy Food Show. Our next show will be the Natural Product Expo in Anaheim.  I really like this show because it is geared towards my lifestyle and eating habits with not only the food but its products.

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