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Seeing progress after 6 weeks of dieting

By Larry Magid

It’s been about six week since I started cutting back on calories and increasing my exercise and I’m happy to report real progress.  My goal is to lose 1.5 pounds a week and I’m pretty close to it having lost just over 10 pounds so far.  The image below shows my progress as charted by LoseIt which is both an iPhone app and a website.

I have cut down on food but, for me, the key is exercise. With the exception of a couple of days on the road,  I haven’t missed a day using the elliptical and weight training machines at the Y or my indoor bicycle at home.  That’s what makes this easy and causes me to feel great. On days when I feel I’ve eaten a bit too much (or plan to eat a big dinner), I just add a half hour to my exercise routine and that makes up for about another 300 calories.

You can follow my progress (and find tips and resources for yourself) at and by following @NoBellyPrize on Twitter.


Chart shows drop from 186 to 175.6 since Feb 14, 2011


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