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Letter to myself about recent weight-loss

Dear Larry,

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.19.51 AMCongratulations. You (I) successfully lost 20 pounds over the past five months and are no longer overweight. You did it by thoughtful eating and daily exercise.

That’s great, but you’ve done this before, many times.  Now comes the hard part of keeping your weight stable.

The key is being mindful even during periods of stress, illness, travel or holidays. You know your history. You loose weight and keep it off for awhile and then some type of disruption occurs like a cold, an injury or a series of overseas trips as happens every year. It’s not as if having a cold for a few days or being on the road for a week or two necessarily causes you to put on weight, but if you stop thinking about your eating and exercise, it will eventually lead to that. And even if you do have a set-back, that’s no excuse for not getting back on the wagon. Much better to gain a pound or two and then take it off or even stabilize than to continue on a course of gradual weight gain.

How you feel

It’s also important to take stock in how you feel now compared to how you felt before you took control of your eating and exercise.  A few months ago you felt bloated and lethargic. Now you feel lean and energetic. You also feel the strength in your legs and arms from the exercise routine. It’s a good feeling that’s a lot more pleasurable than whatever pleasure you get from eating more than you should or sitting down rather than moving around.

And also take note of your “vitals.” After losing the weight, your blood pressure, blood sugar and lipids are in the healthy range. This matters.

To your health!



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