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Eating well on a low-carb diet

December 5, 2013

by Patti Regehr There is a popular misconception that all you can eat on a low-carb diet is beef, fish and chicken. But there are actually lots of great foods you can enjoy without packing on the [Read more]

Get your dairy, but lose the lactose

September 25, 2013

by Patti Regehr There is some debate about the role of dairy in the diet and, indeed, there are a growing number of  people who avoid it completely for both health and humanitarian reasons. Still [Read more]

Fancy Food Show – Day 2

January 18, 2010

by Patti Regehr The second day of the Fancy Food Show brought some amazing products and oh my gosh some bad products too. I will not talk about the omg products because I am confident they won’t be [Read more]

Fancy Food show opening day

January 17, 2010

by Patti Regehr Caramels made from goat’s milk Sunday was the first day of 2010 Fancy Food Show.  What did I like?  I was impressed by Happy Goat which makes caramel out of goats milk and [Read more]

Fancy Food Show ‘epicurean delight’

January 10, 2010

by Patti Regehr What stays true with the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (January 17th, 18th, 19th) is that it is an epicurean and must I say a Hobbit-like delight. Every year it is fun to taste new [Read more]

Eating foods that make me smile

January 7, 2010

by Katherine Tumminaro The Food and Exercise Junkie I am aware that this is a fitness and nutrition website and that I should really not be recomending french fries and sodium. That being said, I [Read more]

New site makes Indian cooking easy

December 14, 2008

One of many dishes you can make with a packet of spices. (credit Waverley Kitchens) by Patti Regehr and Larry Magid The San Francisco Bay Area where we live has plenty of Indian restaurants and many [Read more]